Experience France like a local, with our Designer Food Tours of France.

If you are thinking about travelling to France, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help.

You simply tell us a little about yourself, what you are interested in seeing and doing and we can tailor make an itinerary for you while fully respecting your budget.

Our bespoke itineraries include accommodation, transport, delicious local restaurants, activities and experiences that you won’t find online. Sending you in luxury hotels and pricey activities is not My French Voyage’s philosophy and we strive to always give you the best value.

They are 100% unique to your interests – whether you are a family going on a Christmas holiday, a couple heading on your honeymoon, friends going on a group trip or if you are going on a solo adventure.

They also make the perfect gift and we are happy to arrange a voucher for you to give to someone as a very special wedding or farewell gift.

My French Voyage’s Designer Tour service is the most perfect, thoughtful and personal gift for your partner, family member, special friend or colleague. Offer them a voucher worth $500 that is valid for a lifetime, and we will ensure that their trip to France will be memorable and tailored to their interests!

Our designer tours are tailor-made and flexible and the process is very simple:

  1. ‘Getting to know you’ – We will send you a ‘get to know you’ questionnaire, asking you about your interests, who you are travelling with, the types of things you like to do whilst on holiday and your budget.

  2. A unique itinerary – We then go away and custom design an itinerary including activities, events, accommodation, transport and restaurant suggestions in line with your budget. 

  3. Feedback – We then get your initial thoughts on the itinerary and do our best to make those special requests become a reality. This is where you tell us what elements you love, what you might want to change or include and we then set about making it all happen.

  4. Bookings – We will then book all accommodation and transport in France on your behalf. If you wish, we can also book any restaurants, events, activities and private tours as needed. All you then need to do is book your flights and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

  5. All tickets and information – We will deliver your itinerary to you (in hard copy as well as in digital format) along with your tickets and booking information.

What does our service cost?

Our fee allows us to dedicate our time, expertise and knowledge to design an itinerary, tailored to you.

You will save money and we do not add any margin or commission to activity of accommodation costs. You just pay for our time only.

➤  Our 7-day designer itinerary, including accommodation planning and booking is $500AUD/$350US and $65AUD/$45US per day thereafter.
➤  Our 7-day designer itinerary, excluding accommodation planning and booking is $350AUD/$250US and $45AUD/$30US per day thereafter.

Please note that revising your itinerary multiple times after the second edit will attract a surcharge.

My French Voyage’s Designer Tour service is only available between the 1st of October and the 31st of March of each year. The itinerary will be delivered to you 15 working days after getting in touch with us.

Interested in learning more about our designer tours? Fill out your details below and we will be in touch with our “Getting to know you questionnaire”. 

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“We can’t wait to share our knowledge and passion for France with you”

We are French nationals who now call Australia home. We understand how overwhelming planning a holiday can be, especially in a non-English speaking country. We want you to see France through our eyes and fall in love with France as we have.

It is no secret that French people love Australians and we hope to save you time and hassle whilst giving you the most special and memorable travel experience possible!
— Francois Morabito —

Why choose a My French Voyage Designer Tour?

  • We are French - which means we know where to stay, where to go and what to do.

  • We will save you time – we make travel stress-free and will save you time both before you go on your holiday and also during. With everything taken care of, you can relax and fully enjoy it.

  • Make the most of your trip – our itineraries will allow you to use your time wisely and are designed at the type of pace you want to enjoy on your holiday.

  • Get off the beaten track – you will experience activities, accommodation and restaurants you won’t find online and will avoid all the tourist traps!

  • Eat authentic food – as a French chef, I know great French food. We will suggest beautiful local restaurants, often hidden from tourists.

  • Jump the queue – no more waiting or missing reservations. We will make sure you already have selected tickets, with all activities as well as restaurants pre-booked.

  • We will save you money – we can get access to the best prices and tours thanks to our relationships with local providers.