My French Voyage Travel Practical information

Before booking a trip to France, we recommend you to read the following general information.

The french weather

Average afternoon temperatures.

Average afternoon temperatures.

The weather in France can vary significantly, depending on the region and the season. France is home of various type of temperature depending on the region and its landscapes: Coastal, Continental, Mediterranean, etc.

On the sophisticated French Riviera, the Mediterranean weather will charm travellers with its hot and sunny days. Likewise, in the southern part of France, Provence, the pleasant mild weather and shining sun will emphasize the colourful houses. For those who want to avoid strong heat - we don’t recommend these regions in July and August.

In the South West, in the renowned Bordeaux and Dordogne regions, the temperate climate contributes to the uniqueness of the delicious and renowned wines as well as the enjoyment of your trip to France. In summer, days may be warm but with the Atlantic Ocean, nights are often cool.

The North West of France including Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley, offers a mild oceanic weather, with warm summers and cool winters, sprinkled with rainfall. Spring and Autumn/Fall seasons are very enjoyable and summers are not too hot so you can certainly plan a trip to these regions all year long. The best season however is from mid-March until mid-November.


  • The French cuisine is renowned worldwide for its unique savor and elegance. Food and the act of enjoying a meal are deeply ingrained in the French culture. We enjoy taking our time to taste the food with great company and it is not unusual to spend two or three hours dining.

  • Indeed, each region of France has its own traditional recipes and traditional dishes. Whatever the region, French food will not disappoint you.

  • Travelers who have food allergies can let us know in advance. The French cuisine offers a very wide range of recipes and products that you will still be able to enjoy it.

  • Dining out is a national sport in France, however, the large choice of restaurants can be a nightmare. We will naturally guide you and offer a short selection of the best and most pleasant restaurants in France that we have personally tried and picked.


Food and wine

  • France is famous for both fabulous food and wine and during your week with us you will enjoy “les plaisirs de la table”.

  • We have catered for 1/2 a bottle of wine per person with the 5 lunches and 6 dinners that are included along with water and coffees/teas. Additional beverages such as beer, soft drinks or spirits or more wine can be ordered at your own cost.

  • A continental breakfast is included daily.

Do I need a visa to travel to France?

  • Australian, Canadian and American residents who are planning to travel to France for short visits do not need visas to enter the country (for a stay for no more than 90 days). A valid passport is sufficient.

  • For other citizenship, please check with your Embassy to get the most updated information.


Government Tips for Traveling Abroad

  • Do not forget to take a look at your government – foreign affairs website.


Flying to & in France

  • We are sorry, we do not book international and domestic flight tickets, but we can provide advice about relevant flights to France and the airports to target based on your final destination.

Check in time

  • Check in is on the Saturday (the day your tour starts). Please be aware that the access to the accommodation varies for each tour and you will be advised upon booking. Please respect the information provide for each Regional Tour, if you arrive early there's a bar and coffee shop where you can have refreshments.

François will pick you up from the airport or train station.

Do I need a cell phone in France?

  • If you can, we recommend having a cell phone with you - it is easier for you to reach us or your hosts if you get delayed on the road. Check in your home country, you might be able to get an International Call option for the length of your trip.


Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance provides reimbursement for cancellation, interruptions or delays, lost baggage, medical emergencies or evacuations, and 24/7 worldwide assistance.

We highly recommend that you subscribe to a travel insurance plan.

Won’t my regular health insurance cover me abroad?

  • Not always. Most regular health insurance plans provide partial or no coverage while you are traveling in another country. For Medicare, there is no coverage in France.

Doesn’t my credit card have travel insurance?

  • Be careful; in some cases you might be covered for cancellation (with limitation) but almost no credit cards provide medical expenses or evacuation coverage.


Which type of debit/credit cards can I use in France?

  • Debit cards will not be of any help in France. Only credit cards are accepted for payment or to withdraw cash from French ATMs.

  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted in all places where you can pay by credit cards. American Express is not as common as in the US. You should always ask before considering using it.


What is the French currency? Can I pay with a foreign currency in France?

  • The French currency is the Euro (€). You cannot buy anything in cash with another currency. A very good option is get some Euros before departure and to withdraw Euros in French ATMs with your credit cards.


Which French Banks (or ATM) should I go to while in France?

  • If you carry a Visa or MasterCard, any French ATM should work.

  • Your bank might have some rate agreements with international French banks. To save money on commissions, you should get this type of information before departure at your bank.


Can I use my driving license for a rental car in France?

  • Rule is: as long as your driver’s license is written in Roman alphabet, it will be accepted by a car rental agency.

  • So: Australian, US, Canadian driver’s licenses are accepted and you don’t need to get an international driver’s license.

  • Be careful, you licenses & passports need to be valid - check the expiration dates before traveling.



  • Children and families are welcome on Regional tours, however, the nature and activities of tours are not always suitable for children under 18 years.


How far in advance do I need to book designer tour?

  • As our B&B homes are 5 rooms maximum, the earlier we can book your accommodation, the better.

  • Depending on the season, we recommend you to book at least 2 or 3 months in advance.


Level of fitness required

  • No specific level of fitness is required, however if you have medical conditions or any special requirement, please specify it on the booking form.